Our Impact

Our Impact
Our Vision

We believe that good lives grow from strong roots.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nourish strong roots of integrity, decency, and empathy in children by expanding their appreciation of the world while stimulating their natural love for learning, their belief in themselves, and their thoughtfulness toward others.

Daily Reminder –
“Will everyone please have a great day at play today!”
Exploring through play and socialization

Our Approach

We emphasize activities that promote learning through play and socialization. We incorporate language, math, science, social studies, musical and literary arts, and dramatic play, in our curriculum approach and find creative ways to build self-confidence and foster thoughtfulness. Our school is a magical place of exploration, where children learn to become comfortable outside of home with their first educators.

Our Tailored Learning

Every child is special in his or her own way.  Our teaching philosophy is to use an instructional tempo that serves our young learners both individually and as a group.  We provide older children opportunities to explore pre-kindergarten curricula and to develop leadership skills, while younger children are encouraged to broaden their learning foundation at an age appropriate pace.  Age separation is part of our structure and allows our teachers to tailor learning to children’s developmental capabilities and interests.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum changes every two weeks and is never the same from year to year. We develop new curriculum ideas constantly and often are inspired by the needs and interests we perceive within our classrooms. Planning and teaching new curriculum ideas keeps our teachers engaged and inspired and allows our students to explore fresh and current themes, some of which may tie into current events happening around them. Through these themes, we encourage children to broaden their interests and their attention spans, to work through problems on their own and in collaboration with others, and to take information learned in one context and apply it within a new setting. Developmental progress is assessed throughout the year for each child and is measured using academic, social, and emotional parameters.