Parents’ Voices

Parents’ Voices

caring and nurturing

“Thank you so much for providing a caring and nurturing environment for our children. I know they will always look back fondly on their preschool years. It is hard to believe how quickly five years has gone by for me as a [preschool parent with Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine]. It seems like just yesterday that I was touring the school with Miss Gita. I was sold on the school immediately.”  — Colleen

well prepared for kindergarten

“Having had all three of my children attend [preschool with Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine], I could not recommend her preschool more. Her amazing staff and the intimate size of the classes meant that the on-point curriculum was delivered and received in a truly fun and relaxed manner. My now 5th, 3rd and K crew were so happy each and every day and well prepared for elementary school. I have not held back in recommending her school in the past to other family members and friends whose experiences have been similar to mine.”  — Karina

great enrichment programs

“I am so thankful for the 6 years my children attended [preschool with Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine]. The caring and nurturing environment was amazing. I can’t say enough about Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine and her dedication to teaching and helping children to learn and grow. Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine brought so many great enrichment programs to round out the curriculum. I am so grateful for my time spent at her preschool and how helpful Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine was to me over the years. She always went above and beyond to make sure both students and parents were happy.” – Coleen

bright and clean classrooms

“Thank you Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine for providing [my two children] with such great experiences, filled with fun, learning and kindness. Nearly every day at [preschool with Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine] they came home with a funny story or “unique” piece of art. You had a huge impact on their early lives. Thank you so much for your continued engagement and for always having a smile during a period that I’m sure was difficult at times.”  – Steve & Casey

teachers go above and beyond

“I just wanted to give a testimonial. My daughter has been going to [preschool with Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine] for 3 years and she absolutely loves it. Gita Coutts and her teachers are so nurturing and wonderful. I am confident she is getting a great education and having fun while doing it! She has learned so much over the last 3 years. I feel confident she will be prepared for kindergarten in the fall thanks to this amazing preschool. I cannot say enough about the teachers; they go above and beyond what their jobs require which makes me feel so comfortable when dropping off my daughter every day. Again, we have had a great experience and highly recommend [Ms. Gita and Ms. Lorraine]! “– Michelle