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Noanet Nursery School opened in September 2020 in the facility that formerly housed Dover Nursery School. NNS is a thirty-five student preschool located in the lower level of Kraft Hall at The Dover Church in the center of Dover. Two large, sunny classrooms house the Tigers (three year olds) and Bears (four year olds). The entire playground was renovated in late 2022, and now includes many different pieces of equipment including two climbing structures with slides, a large sandbox, a tunnel, a stage and plenty of space for running and playing.

NNS is a nurturing preschool where children have space to learn, explore and play with friends and caring adults.The curriculum at NNS is innovative and exciting. The thematic curriculum changes every two weeks and is new every year. Children experience art projects, science activities, early literacy lessons, math challenges and dramatic play opportunities all related to a central theme such as Artists or Sights and Sounds of Autumn or Chocolate! The teachers encourage children to broaden their interests and their attention spans, to work through problems independently and in collaboration with others, and to take information learned in one context and apply it within a new setting.

The school’s motto, Building Character Together, is also part of every day. Along with specific discussions and activities emphasizing kindness, empathy, and friendship, the teachers help children learn to respect one another and members of the community.