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Sending your child to nursery school is both exciting and nerve-wracking for parents. At NNS we understand the faith that parents put in us when they send their children to our school, and we are honored and privileged that they have chosen NNS for their child’s preschool experience. Our director and teachers are ready and eager to answer questions and share anecdotes about the children’s time at school. Emails with photos are sent home to parents frequently, usually several times a week. These emails detail what the children have been doing at school and explain how the activities relate to the curriculum.

All parents receive an individual email from their child’s teacher after the first week or two of school, and then parents have an individual conference in January to discuss their child’s progress. Throughout the year, teachers are happy to discuss any concerns a parent might have.

Parents are welcome to visit at NNS. Some parents come in to share a favorite book with the class. We have also been delighted to have parents share aspects of their jobs or their cultural heritage. One family came in to help us celebrate Lunar New Year, and several other parents have taught the children about Ramadan. We even had a group of parents create a Halloween party for the whole school.