The Legacy of Our Preschool

Noanet Nursery School picks up the legacy begun by Dover Nursery School, a beloved community institution which first opened its doors in the late 1970’s.  Dover Nursery School was a special place for young children in the community where they could explore, play together, and learn to become comfortable outside of their homes with their first educators.  Grandparents used to say that setting foot on the playground propelled them back in time to when they were picking up their own children from this same preschool.

Our Close-Knit Community

Over the four decades that it remained open, Dover Nursery School drew heavily on its community roots.   Families came from the town of Dover as well as from surrounding communities. Enrollment grew mostly through word of mouth as returning and new families combined to become the close-knit community that formed the fabric of Dover Nursery School.  In 2017, the preschool was sold to a corporation. Shortly afterward, due to unforeseen reasons, it was abruptly closed.

Our New Preschool

The new Noanet Nursery School was established in response to community outcry and family distress over losing the unique preschool that had been Dover Nursery School. Excitingly, the former director of Dover Nursery School, along with former teachers, agreed to join our new preschool, and Noanet Nursery School was launched. 

Continuation of Teaching Philosophy

With seventeen years’ experience at Dover Nursery School, Gita Coutts brings her proven teaching philosophy and nurturing personality to her new role as the Director of Noanet Nursery School.  Former Dover Nursery School families recognize the daily flow and creative structure of Noanet Nursery School programs. In addition, our new preschool emphasizes character building and teaches life-tools to better prepare our students to grow into their full potential.  We are excited to be offering this unique preschool opportunity to the wider Dover community.

Why the name Noanet?

Noanet Nursery School takes its name from Noanet Woodlands, an historic eight-hundred-acre tract of pristine forest land in the center of Dover, scattered with hiking and riding trails, ponds, birds, and wildlife and topped by a rocky peak where visitors can see Boston on a clear day.  The land was preserved by Dover resident and conservationist Amelia Peabody to ensure that its natural beauty would always be available for community enjoyment. Just as Noanet Woodlands represents a beloved landscape serving the Dover community, we intend for Noanet Nursery School to become a similarly treasured community institution.