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Children enrolling at Noanet Nursery School must be two years nine months by September 1st of  the school year. Rolling admission is offered for students reaching the 2 years 9 months milestone  later in the school year if space is available. Children may attend three, four, or five days a week  based on the choice selected by the parents/guardians and on space availability. Returning  students and siblings of students who have attended Noanet Nursery School will be given priority  enrollment. Toilet training is not an eligibility requirement for enrollment. 

Noanet Nursery School requires parents/guardians and children to visit the preschool prior to  completing a registration application. At the time of the scheduled appointment, the visitor will be given the Noanet Nursery School Parent / Guardian Handbook that details the philosophies and  policies of the school. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have regarding the  school’s operation. Upon enrollment, families and children will be invited for an orientation of the  program at the beginning of the school year.  

For those who have visited the program and signed the visitor’s book, a registration form will be mailed to you or given to you in person. A non-refundable fee equal to 10% of the annual  tuition must be included with the registration application. A registration is not complete until Noanet Nursery School has received a completed Face Sheet / Enrollment Form, the  Morning Program Daily Schedule Preference Form, and the registration fee.

Noanet requests families share their information regarding interests, needs, and all support services received by  the child (therapeutic, educational, and/or social). A developmental history form is included in the  summer packet enrollment forms and is required to be updated annually. If the number of  registrations exceeds the spaces available, a wait list will be created based on the date the above highlighted registration materials and fee were received.